LSL Plus

Offline Editing and Testing of LSL Code in Eclipse


LSL Plus is a plugin for the Eclipse platform. The plugin allows editing, 'compiling', executing, and unit testing your Second LifeŽ Linden Scripting Language (LSL) code.

Because it is an Eclipse plugin, when you use LSL Plus you can take advantage of many of the useful features of Eclipse. Integrated support of a source code control system such as CVS or Subversion comes for "free", and there are many other features -- task list management, integration with bug tracking tools, etc. You will of course need to make sure you get the appropriate plugins to use these features.

Latest Info

2010-04-020: Native component release 0.13.1 now available (via the update sites). New 'll' functions and constants added (1.38 API).

2010-02-09: Native component for Linux, x86_64 is now available (via the update sites).

2010-01-05: Version 0.13.0: bug fixes, additional 'll' function implementations (the new 'http_request' event and related functions now fully supported in the simulator), and project references. There is a new example with sample code and a simulator project demonstrating a 'http_request' test setup. The documentation has been updated; see especially the new section, 'Project References', and the updated sections, 'Basic Usage', 'Avatar Event Handler' and 'Avatar Event Generator Utility'. The main plugin and 32-bit native components for Linux, Mac, and Windows are now available via the update sites.

2009-12-13: Version 0.12.0: bug fixes, additional 'll' function implementations, inventory item-level permissions now settable in Sim editor. Also fixed the na-east lslplus Update Site! Please continue report any problems with the update sites via the LslPlus/SourceForge Help forum. Main plugin and 32-bit native components for Linux, Mac, and Windows are now available via the update sites.

2009-08-25: Version 0.11.3 (update to native components only) is out! Fixes a corrupted Linux binary, a bad optimization, improves error reporting and debugging in some narrow cases, and fixes a syntax problem in recognizing certain floating point constants.

2009-07-02: Whoops! Mac native component was corrupted. Mac patch fixes it!

2009-07-01: Mac/Linux/Windows native component version 0.11.2 released to address a performance problem with 'check-as-you-type' feature.

2009-05-28: Mac native component version released, to eliminate a dependency on a shared library.

2009-05-25: Mac component release (0.11.1)

2009-05-22: There's now a 0.11.1 version of each of the 'native' components that fixes some annoying bugs...

2009-05-20 - Release 0.11.0 available via the update sites.

The release adds an outline view, much better folding regions in the editor, re-validation as-you-type in the editor, and some bug fixes (especially the oft request 'passing-through' of comments to the generated code). If you are already an LSL Plus user and are simply upgrading an existing installation, you should 'reset' your LSL Plus Perspective (Window->Reset Perspective) to show the default layout with the outline view. Alternatively, you can add the view manually to your perspective (Window -> Show View -> Outline).

There's now an in-world group, LSL Plus Users -- join!

Earlier releases...

  • The 0.10.4 release was a bugfix release.
  • The 0.10.3 release was a minor bugfix release.
  • The 0.10.2 release was a minor bugfix release.
  • The 0.10.1 release fixes a performance problem introduced with the optimizer. The optimizer has now been heavily optimized, to eliminate said performance problem. The Avatar Event Handler API has been enhanced slightly to supply additional avatar specific info to each event handler (avatar key, etc.). See the embedded LSL documentation for details.
  • The 0.10.0 release contains a major new feature, script optimization, along with improved UTF-8 support and other minor bug fixes.
  • The 0.9.0 release contains a number of enhancements and bug fixes. The major enhancements are an improved compilation system which allows the display of more than just the first error detected in a script (this is the first step on the way toward adding refactoring support and other features to the editor), the addition of a new preferences page to the LSL Plus preferences section of the Eclipse preferences system (for customizing the LSL text editor), and some improvements to the LSL Plus perspective (it would be a good idea to select Window -> Reset Perspective in the LSL Plus perspective after installing the new plugin and restarting. This will ensure the perspective is updated.).

Note: When installing a new version of the plugin into an Eclipse installation that already has an older version installed, it is helpful to first uninstall the old plugin (Help -> Software Updates -> Manage Configuration).